XY-BLDC Three-phase Brushless DC Hall Motor Controller Module Drive Board


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Product Type Modules
Package Type OEM
Package Contents 1*Brushless Motor Controller Module
Dimensions us | metric
Depth 10 mm
Height 30 mm
Width 80 mm
Product Weight 15 g
SKU 9741350
DATE LISTED 6/25/2021
  • Working voltage: 12-30V
  • Maximum current: rated 7A, peak value 10A
  • Maximum power: 200W
  • Overcurrent protection: Yes
  • Positive and negative: Yes
  • Brake: Yes
  • Speed control PWM: Yes
  • Speed control analog quantity: Yes
  • External signal input description:
    • When an external PWM signal is input, the amplitude is 5V, and the recommended PWM frequency is 1K-10KHz.
    • For analog input, you can use the on-board 5V, GND external potentiometer (resistance 10K-100KΩ) to adjust the speed, or external input (0-5V) analog, but it needs to be connected to the GND on the board.
    • For forward and reverse rotation control, the motor needs to stop rotating and then perform forward and reverse operation. It is strictly forbidden to change direction during the rotation of the motor, which will cause damage to the circuit board. In addition, after removing the short-circuit cap, the steering switch can be connected externally for operation.
    • 5V, GND The motherboard comes with a 5V power supply (external power supply can be provided, the current does not exceed 10mA)
    • Speed pulse signal output, the amplitude is 5V, each pulse represents one revolution of the motor.
  • Precautions:
    • There is no fuse in the power supply circuit on the motherboard. It is recommended to add it yourself. Reverse connection of the positive and negative poles of the power supply will cause permanent damage to some chips on the board.
    • There is sampling over-current protection at the output of the motor during normal operation. Because the power and current of the module are very large, please do not artificially short-circuit the module when the module is not working normally. Once the short-circuit, the circuit may be burnt and the tube may burst, the first wiring test machine Please use a small current and low voltage test. After it is normal, apply a large current and high voltage. Because it is a bare board module, please pay attention to the insulation of the wiring head and it is strictly forbidden to touch the board parts.
    • When the operating power of the drive module exceeds 100W or the operating environment exceeds 30'C, in order to ensure the normal operation of the circuit for a long time, it is necessary to provide external air cooling for the circuit board for heat dissipation.
  • Debugging instructions: Please turn on the test machine after reading and understanding.
  • After receiving the driver board, check whether the interface can correspond to the interface of your brushless motor.
    • There are generally 5 Hall cables or interfaces on brushless motors, two of which are Hall power supply lines and three are Hall signal lines to distinguish, especially Hall power supply lines (Hall power supply lines generally use red and black wires) , Or not, I don't know how to find a way to find a motor manufacturer.) Don't make a mistake. The three Hall signal lines are generally marked with abc. There are also three ports Ha, Hb, Hc and similar characters on the driver board, which are connected correspondingly.
    • There are three thicker phase wires on the motor. There are also three phase wires on the drive board. They are marked with the words MA MB MC and similar characters, and they are connected respectively. After confirming that they are correct, the main power supply can work normally. (If the interfaces are correctly mapped according to the label, the power will not work, and the possibility that the manufacturer's label is not standardized or other reasons is not ruled out. Please debug according to the following unclear).
    • If you don't know the definition of the motor phase line and the Hall line, you can connect the three phase lines of the motor to the drive phase line interface arbitrarily, and at the same time connect the three signal lines of the Hall line to the Hall interface on the drive board ( But the two Hall power supply lines must find a way to find and connect, remember!!!) Then, when the power is turned on for the first time, debug with low voltage and low current (if possible, use constant current power supply voltage to adjust to 7-12V current 1-2A), then change the order of the three Hall wires randomly (change any two between the three Hall signal wires of the motor and the drive Hall interface, and test each time), until it can rotate smoothly after power-on Operation means that the wiring is correct.
    • When the wiring is incorrect, do not use high current or high voltage for debugging, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the drive board. After the three Hall signal wires are exchanged, if the corresponding connection is correct, the motor will run silky smoothly after power on and start at low speed. Smooth torque Large; If the three Hall signal lines are not connected in sequences, they generally have the following characteristics:
      • After power-on, the motor cannot start normally and has no response, or it only shakes once when it starts and cannot rotate normally.
      • It is difficult to start with a slight jitter, and sometimes it needs to be turned manually.
      • The motor can rotate in one direction, but not in the other direction, and some have a slight bathing sound.
      • The motor starts to vibrate and is weak and has a bath sound. The current is large and the power tube is obviously heating up.

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